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Why Moms Need Non-Scale Goals

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As moms, our goals often get put last. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of not caring for yourself.

The types of goals we set for ourselves can be part of the problem.

What if you had goals that actually contributed to your quality of life, instead of just adding more stress watching for a number to go down?

My Goals

Here’s a list of some of my short term and long term goals:

  • Avoiding exhaustion-induced carb binging

  • Tucking in my t-shirt without an obvious muffin top

  • Eating a handful of veggies at every meal

  • Not binging on goldfish crackers

  • Cooking dinner regularly

  • Going to bed at a set time to get enough sleep

  • Deadlifting 200 pounds

  • Doing 1 pull up

These are my non-scale goals. Of course, I can’t do them all at once, and they only work if I have a specific action plan. But what I like is they support a healthy lifestyle and are so much more fun than waiting for the scale to tell you good job.

Plus, some of them are manageable now, even while adding a baby to the mix.

We can get caught up thinking the scale is the only indicator of our health. But there are so many more factors that represent improvements in our well-being.

How much more likely are we to stick to a plan if we have goals that intricately affect the way we live?

Your Goals

Everyone’s goals are different and we are all motivated for different reasons. What’s important is to find something that interests you, is consistent with your lifestyle, and that you don’t dread keeping up with every day.

Of course sometimes we just want to lose weight, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that if it works for you and doesn’t stress you out.

For some women losing that last 10-20 pounds is easy and they do it all the time. If that’s you, your challenge would be to make choices and changes (i.e. other goals) that keep you from having to re-lose that weight over and over.

One of my dreams for women is to stop the yo-yo dieting and teach them how to choose foods that support a healthy weight during all seasons of life. If that’s a desire of yours, please email me so we can talk about it.

In the meantime, what non-scale goal could you make that will positively affect your life?

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