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Fit into your jeans
WITHOUT giving up




2 Secrets to Real


weight loss

"Is there a way for a REAL mom to get results? "

(Because I'm tired of feeling guilty about not having the time or energy for all the stuff the fitness world says I 'should' do.)

🙋‍♀️ We get it! 🙋‍♂️ 

Here's what you REALLY need...

simple workouts that fit your routine, healthy food everyone likes, strategies that work f

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We're a little... different.

Hey, I’m Seth 👋

(Dad and NASM certified personal trainer).

That’s my wife, Megan

(She’s a PN1 certified nutrition coach and does all the “momming” — i.e. she keeps our lives running 👍).

In some ways, we're not exactly “normal” (just ask anyone who knows us well). But we do live pretty normal lives.

What does that mean exactly? Well...


As parents of 2 kids, we have too much going on already for diet and exercise to take up any extra time.

Is that a weird thing for a personal trainer and nutrition coach to say?

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Truth be told, Megan and I did NOT get started with fitness and nutrition because it was some lifelong passion that tugged on our heartstrings...
We simply wanted to look and feel our best in order to have MORE freedom to do what we loved (like taking hikes and being active with our kids).
So, out of necessity, we took the time to educate ourselves and get the necessary experience to figure out simple—but effective—solutions so we could live our lives the way we want.
Now we’re helping you get the life you want by sharing the 2 secrets to real mom-life weight loss.
get leaner and tone up, have energy, become more confident desktop
With these secrets.
Let's Get Started!


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