What Should You Do First to Get in Shape?

What should you do first to get in shape, woman looking into sun

There are countless options for getting started with diet and exercise.

Should you try calorie cycling, bodybuilding, intermittent fasting, or maybe train for a marathon?

I’ll give you a specific answer, but let me start by saying, “None of the above.”

The Overcomplexificating of Modern Healthitization

I don’t like to be negative and go off on rants, so please forgive this brief lapse of composure:

Diet and exercise should not be as freaking complicated as everyone makes it!


I feel better.

In all seriousness, it’s disheartening to see so many people start their journey with advanced fitness and nutrition strategies before mastering the basics.

If you don’t have a lifelong passion for diet and exercise, it’s a bad idea to start with something that takes significant involvement.

So in answer to the question of what to do first: start with the basics.

But what are they?

The Basics

When you filter out all the nonessential details, the basics of diet and exercise are simple.


  • Learn proper portions

  • Avoid processed food

Proper portions means knowing how much to eat every day, and at every meal.

It’s not an easy thing to master. The details vary from person to person, but it’s not as complicated as you think. It just takes time to get the hang of it.

Avoiding processed food shouldn’t feel like a strict command to follow any specific diet. It’s not “Paleo or die!” It’s a gentle recommendation to steer the bulk of your diet away from prepackaged foods.


  • Exercise at least 2x a