How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting on Weekends

How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting on Weekends

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Weekends can be the hardest part of a weight loss diet.

For us, that’s when we’re busiest running the kids around, eating out more often, getting together with friends, or just hanging out at the house as a family playing games, watching tv, and having treats.

That’s real life.

There are times when it makes sense to hold back on the weekends, but it’s not realistic to plan on doing it a long time.

So whether you have long-term weight loss goals or just want to make your weekends less stressful, the strategy I’m using for this season of weight loss is something to consider.

Why I’m Using This Strategy

I’ve been doing this “Weekday Weight Loss” thing for about a month now. The 3 reasons I chose this strategy — and why I’m losing weight right now at all — might surprise you:

1. I don’t need to lose weight.

I’m already at a healthy weight. I feel good. I’m decently strong. And I’m not limited with any physical activities, whether it be hiking, swimming, or keeping up with my kids.

So why is “not needing to lose weight” a reason to attempt weight loss?

I already have a quality of life that, physically, I feel really good about. What I want to show is that, not only is it possible to get to where I am now, you can go much further than you’d think just with moderate, realistic efforts.

2. I wasn’t motivated to do this at all.

Weight loss isn’t “fun.” I’ve never been particularly excited to do it. The fact that I’m not at a place where I need to do this makes it even less appealing.

But no one is ALWAYS motivated. So I figured this was a perfect opportunity to show that if you have the right strategies in place, motivation isn’t needed to get great results.

3. Weekends throw people off.

This specific strategy is a way for me to have regular mental breaks from the fatigue of weight loss, making the weekends easier.

On top of that, weekends have a tendency to throw people off track, and I want to show that they don’t have to.