consistent weight loss



(Even if you have a busy schedule, struggle to stay motivated, and love sugar)

In other words, let's make losing weight a little more convenient...

With Our Online Coaching You Will:


Start having the energy to enjoy your life and live it the way you want.​


Develop a realistic routine to help you exercise more regularly.

Learn strategies to help you overcome emotional eating.

​Make better food choices while still enjoying treats (without feeling like you have to “earn” it)​


Build strength and tone up so you feel confident and comfortable in your own body.​


​Find simple steps to both diet and exercise in one convenient, combined system.​


And still have time to keep up with other priorities in your life!


Seth & Megan helped set reasonable goals and made it much easier to adapt to healthier living.

They helped me lose 12lb and slim down 6 inches in 8 weeks. This is a great team to work with!

Fitness Porter Success
I'm already convinced...

Skeptical? We like that about you. 

It means you’ve heard it all before and know it’s never as easy as it sounds. That could even be exactly what’s holding you back from trying again. Maybe you:


Have done countless hours of cardio only to burn out long before reaching your goal weight.


Tried plenty of low-carb, low-fat, and generally no-fun diets that all made your life miserable.


Lost weight at first, but weren’t able to stick with it and wonder why this would be any different.


Feel like you're just not a good dieter or “worker-outer”—someone who can see your plan through to the end.

Does this kind of thing even work for a person like me?

The fact that you’re asking that question tells me you’re in the right place.

And you’re right about one thing: We can’t promise this will be easy. In fact, there will certainly be some hard work involved. There are no magic pills or supplements that can do the job for you. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, you’ll have to look somewhere else (just a heads up: you’ll be looking for a looooooong time).

What we CAN promise is that it’s possible to have more energy, get stronger and, yes, even lose weight, while still having the freedom to enjoy your life through the process.

We Know Because We’ve Been There

Megan and I did NOT get started with fitness and nutrition because it was some lifelong passion that tugged on our heartstrings. We simply wanted to look and feel our best in order to have MORE freedom to do what we loved (like taking hikes and being active with our kids).

Like everyone, we made a lot of mistakes. We:

  • Started and stopped the same intense exercise videos 50 times.

  • Spent a bunch of money on supplements that did nothing.

  • Hired a “trainer” at a gym who had us cycle through the machines a few times a week.

  • Used an app to track calories, only to restrict too heavily and blow it all up on the weekends.


It seemed the only solutions were a complete waste of time or money.

We were expected to either spend our free time getting super into fitness and nutrition, or buy gimmicky products that were easy to use, but didn’t get us results.

We just wanted something in between.

So, out of necessity, we took the time to educate ourselves and get the necessary experience to figure out simple—but effective—solutions so we could live our lives the way we want.

Not only did we find a balance that worked for us, we’ve gotten good at helping others find their own balance so that you don’t have to keep making the same mistakes like we did in the beginning.


Here's How It Works

Weekly Action Goals

It’s tempting to just want someone to tell you what to eat. But if that actually worked, you’d already be at your goal weight. There are a million free meal plans online, and not one of them is based on the foods you like or your abilities in the kitchen.

 We make it easier on you by starting with what you already eat and giving you practical weekly goals to follow (one step at a time if that’s what you need) based on the results you want.


That way eating healthy and losing weight can become a more natural fit for your life, making it easier to be consistent.


We’ve all been there…


Your diet doesn’t allow added sugar, or even certain carbs. It goes fine for a while, until you find yourself at a birthday party clutching your second (large) piece of cake like a territorial gorilla.


Saying “no” to sweets doesn’t work for long-term weight loss.


Instead of giving you a list of foods you can and can’t eat, we’ll show you a simple strategy of using your hand as a guide to know how much to eat (no complex math involved) so you get a better balance of ALL the foods you love.


There will also be frequent strategy sessions for improving the overall quality of those foods, keeping you full and more able to maintain self-control.

goblet squat screen shot.png

Experienced exercisers who are already in great shape might be fine being told to “do 4 sets of Front Squats at 80% of your 1RM.”


That’s not who we work with.

We simplify your workout experience and provide you with detailed—not overwhelming—video instructions for every exercise in your monthly routine so you can always be confident you're doing the exercises correctly.


And it’s all at your fingertips in an easy to use app on your phone or computer.


Consistency is what matters most. That means it’s not the total amount of time spent exercising that matters—it’s what you do with the time you have.

So let’s be real.

If you have trouble working out regularly, starting a new routine that puts you in the gym 6 days per week isn’t a reasonable goal. It becomes even less feasible if the workouts are so intense you feel like you can’t walk the next day.


Most of our clients exercise around 30 minutes just 2-3 times per week, but we’ll create a program that can be successful based on YOUR time and abilities—even if you have no gym equipment and can’t remember the last time you worked out.

Weekly Coaching Call

Motivation is a fair-weather friend.

It’s there when you get started, becomes distant as you keep going, and disappears the minute you hit a roadblock, like a plateau in weight loss or a weekend full of temptations and bad decisions.


To help keep you focused, you’ll have weekly check-ins with us (by video and/or email) so we can coach you through any obstacles, giving you real-world guidance for how to stay on track.


No more getting stuck. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not 2 months from now when motivation would typically be gone.

Nothing’s more frustrating than working hard on diet and exercise only to see no results. No matter how good your plan is (oh, and it’s gonna be good), life is unpredictable and can lead to unexpected complications.


Unlike a typical in-person trainer or nutrition coach, you don’t have to wait a week for your next session if you find yourself struggling. We give you daily access to us with unlimited emails as well as communication through our app so you can get help when you need it most. 


To us, you aren’t just some weekly meeting to check off our calendar. We’re here when you need us and can help you make changes in real time. You aren’t in this alone.

Juxtaposition Price.png

Is It Worth It?

“You get what you pay for” has never been more true than in the world of health and fitness. However, because we’re a husband/wife team, you essentially get two for the price of one. And because we’re online coaches, we also don’t have the high overhead of a brick-and-mortar business, so we pass that savings on to you as well.

But the value of our coaching isn’t just in what you’ll save financially. Here’s what our clients say…

Fitness Porter is the way to go if you’re a busy parent! I’ve never been a weight lifter, but the fitness side has taught me how to do strength training exercises safely & effectively. In 8 weeks I lost 7 inches & 8 pounds! It’s the best I’ve felt in my entire life.


Fitness Porter Success

The greatest part for me is that I learned to apply their methods to my life once I completed my program. That is the sustainability I needed! This is without a doubt the best fitness and nutrition program I have participated in!


Fitness Porter Success

Although the scale and measurements were not our main objective (even though it was a personal temptation to focus on numbers) I was glad to see and feel real results. I lost weight, inches, built muscle I had never had before, and most importantly gained a healthier view of food and exercise.



I no longer worry about keeping up with my young students or grandkids, I don't feel out of breath after running up and downstairs, and I rarely have to ask my husband to lift things for me! Using easy-to-follow weekly goals to help me establish better eating habits, I've lost 16 pounds plus lots of inches!



I've been on a custom Fitness Porter program for about a year and I no longer have back issues! I am more fit than I've been in decades. They make the program simple for me, and most of all, it works!


Fitness Porter Success
Become your own success story...

Noticeable Results in 60 Days - Guaranteed

Just because something works for one person (or even lots of people) doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

That’s why we’ll make you a personalized plan that makes sense for your life—one that guarantees noticeable results within the first 60 days.

What are noticeable results?

That’s up to you. 


Many people can realistically expect to lose 5-10 pounds in 60 days. On the other hand, some people may completely alter their body composition over a longer period of time without losing much weight at all, like Megan did…

Whatever you hope to achieve, we’ve removed all the risk.


After we talk, we’ll determine what’s realistic for YOU. As long as you follow your plan (and it will be designed to be doable for you), if you aren’t happy and don’t feel confident to keep moving forward, we’ll refund your money in full.

There are also those who aren’t as concerned about losing weight quickly as long as they start to feel better, stronger, and have more energy.

Lost 5 Pounds

What Others Have Asked Before Losing Weight for the Long-Term

Is online coaching as good as in person?

If you were an athlete looking for help getting your back squat above 500 pounds for the first time, I’d tell you to find a coach who can watch every rep and bump up the efficiency of your squat pattern by 1%. But to get better at being consistent with exercise and healthy eating so you can lose weight… online coaching is the clear winner. You get greater access to us as coaches and better flexibility with your schedule, making online coaching more practical. Plus, you’re not missing out on anything that comes with in-person coaching anyway. You still get: •Exercise instruction during workouts with linked videos so you know you’re doing everything correctly •Form assessment through our app so you stay safe •Face-to-face troubleshooting and motivation with video chat •Even scheduled workouts if that’s more your style for holding you accountable

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope. Your contract will be month-to-month and you can cancel at any time with no hassle. We want your entire experience with us to be as stress-free as possible, and that sentiment doesn’t end if you stop your coaching. We value our relationships with our clients and even keep in touch with them after the business side of it comes to a close. That wouldn’t be possible if we tried to trick people with some kind of legal loophole just to make a few more dollars.

How quickly can I expect results?

We’ll create a plan that allows you to lose weight as quickly as you want — as long as it can be achieved in a way that won’t overly stress your body and mind (which would guarantee you gain the weight back). Scientifically, that means no faster than around 1% of your body weight per week (e.g. a 200 lb. person could lose 2 lb. per week healthily). However, most people find it’s more realistic to follow a less intense program that puts the rate of weight loss at around half that (i.e. 0.5% of your body weight per week), or sometimes even slower. The exact pace is up to you and what you feel like tackling. We’ll be there to help you find a balance of HEALTHY weight loss that gives you NOTICEABLE RESULTS, but is also MANAGEABLE for you so those results aren’t temporary.

How much of a time commitment is this?

As much or little as you want it to be. Seriously. Since this isn’t just a cookie-cutter program, we can (and will) create a plan that completely fits around everything else you’ve got going on in your life so you don’t have to sacrifice your other priorities. Need 5 minute workouts? You got it. Don’t have time to prep every meal ahead of time? We’ll tell you what you can do instead. Obviously you can’t just do “nothing” and still get results. But we’ll help you find the middle ground of what works for your schedule and what will actually help you lose weight. For reference, many of our clients end up doing 2-3 workouts (30ish min. each) per week, spend not much more time in the kitchen than normal, and have a weekly check-in that takes around 25 min.

Will I be able to do this for real?

We’ve designed our coaching exactly for people like you who are worried about this. A big reason you’ve struggled in the past is because most of the fitness and nutrition advice out there is built on the backs of healthy, athletic, fitness junkies who DON’T struggle with any of it. That’s not what we do. We work with normal, everyday people who DO struggle with this stuff, and we make it more accessible. So yes, you’ll be just fine.

How does this compare to “insert other diet/exercise program here?”

The combination of having: •Two individual coaches so you have diet and exercise specialists in one place (which is crucial for healthy weight loss) •Personalized coaching rather than just a basic “one-size-fits-all” plan (which means it’s adaptable so we can guarantee your results) •Focusing on weight loss by building healthy habits (so that once you lose weight it doesn’t come back) …simply doesn’t exist in the mainstream market. There are other private coaches who do something similar, but many of them work mostly with athletes or fitness addicts in general. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we specialize in working with the “average” person who actually struggles with getting results on their own, and we think that sets up apart.

What if it doesn’t work?

A big part of our job as your coach is to create a plan that is achievable. If it ever starts to feel too difficult, we can give you new options and even completely redesign your plan so it feels closer to home for you. As long as you’re willing to be honest about what’s doable for you and what isn’t—or are at least wiling to let us simplify your plan rather than just giving up if it gets tough—you’ll be able to stick with it and success is guaranteed. Literally.

Do I really need diet AND exercise?

If you already have a workout program (like Crossfit or Orangetheory) you love, or some other diet (like Keto or Paleo) you swear by, and you’re just looking to tack on ONLY diet or ONLY exercise to your current thing… our coaching isn’t for you. If your workouts and diet aren’t developed together as one cohesive unit, it doesn’t matter how good of a program either one is on its own, you may never get the results you want. That’s why the only way we can guarantee your success is if we oversee both elements.

Do I have to buy any special equipment or dietary products?

Not at all. It wouldn’t exactly be a “customized” plan if we forced every client to use a barbell and take the same 3 supplements. We’re happy to guide you on buying certain products if you have questions and think they would make things easier for you. We’ll be honest about whether certain things would be worth your money, but there are never any add-ons or “in-app purchases” required to help you reach your goals. And having a gym membership is optional, too.


There are a lot of myths about diet and exercise that Megan and I fell for in the beginning:


We used to think you had to work out hard every day. We thought our diet had to be perfect, devoid of any of the sweets and treats we loved. At some point we even figured achieving our goals was probably just a ridiculous dream that wasn’t meant for people like us.


Fortunately, we now know otherwise.


Now we work out less (but more consistently), eat healthier more often (but still enjoy sweets and treats regularly), and are in better shape than we’ve ever been in (and aren’t worried about losing that progress).


We accomplished this not in spite of the fact that we don’t live in the gym or spend our entire weekend meal prepping, but because we accepted that we’re not that kind of person and found a solution that fit our lifestyle better.


We have no doubt that we can help you achieve the same thing, but that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily the right fit for everyone. So here’s the bottom line:


Our coaching is for you if:

Other programs didn't get you the results you want and you aren’t sure why

Anytime you HAVE gotten results, they were short-lived, and you want something doable for the long-term

You’re willing to make your health a priority, but not at the expense of your family, career, or social life

You have no interest in doing another extreme diet or exercise program

Losing weight is important to you, but so is improving your quality of life (e.g. increased energy, strength, confidence)


You need someone to help you stay motivated and hold you accountable

You’re ready for a more down to earth, customized approach that's easier to stick with

You feel overwhelmed by all the different diet and exercise strategies and want an easy to follow system (THAT WORKS)!

Our coaching is NOT for you if:


You want to lose weight quick at any cost instead of taking the time to build better habits

You love exercise and are just looking for an excuse to do MORE

You want to try advanced dieting strategies just for fun

You’re a young, fit, athlete looking for your next challenge

You just want an "easy" button rather than working on simplified solutions

Take Your First Step to Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind