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7 Uncommon Fat Loss Tips

Basket of fresh vegetables

If the most common fat loss tips are such damn good advice, then why isn’t everyone lean and fit?

Sometimes you have to step outside the box to really find what works. It’s not that any of the following tips are revolutionary. They’re just uncommon, or at least underutilized.

So without further ado…

#1 — Add To Your Diet

Your first thought when trying to lose weight is probably to remove foods from your diet. Try the opposite approach, and pick something healthy to add to your diet.

Adding a giant serving of veggies to your plate is better for your health, and it’s a positive focus instead of negative. It might even cause you (incidentally) to eat less higher calorie foods.

The same principle can be applied to drinking more water.

Or adding a multivitamin could remedy a deficiency that is slowing fat loss.

#2 — Eat More

I’m not talking about adding to your diet again. I’m talking about not cutting too many calories.

A knee jerk reaction is to cut as many calories as possible to try and lose weight quickly.

This is unsustainable. It will result in muscle loss, and not any extra fat loss than on a moderate diet. And it can even prompt your body to go to extra measures to adapt.

So if you’ve been cutting calories in an extreme way, it’s time to start eating a bit more.

#3 — Stop Exercising

Stop relying on exercise for fat loss and start focusing on your diet.

You could stop exercising right now and if your diet is on point, you’ll cut fat. But if you don’t pay attention to what you’re eating, you can exercise all you want and still not lose weight.

That said, don’t actually stop exercising. Just start doing it for different reasons, like your health, or to tone up once your diet does help you get rid of excess fat.

#4 — Share Your Meal

This tip has two parts.

1. You need a support system. it can be a friend, family member, significant other, coach, or an online community. Have someone to hold you accountable, or to take the journey with you. Track your meals and share it with your support system.

2. If you have the support of someone you eat with regularly, you can literally share your meal. Most restaurants serve portions that are fit for two people. So when eating out, order one meal and split it.

#5 — Shop The Perimeter

Remember when you were a kid and jumped from couch to couch pretending the floor was lava? Pretend the inside aisles of the grocery store are lava and do all your shopping on the outer aisles.

The inner aisles tend to be full of prepackaged food and preservatives. You don’t really have to avoid them entirely, but you’ll find most of your whole, fresh foods (which should be the majority of your diet) by shopping the perimeter.

#6 — Eat What You Like

You don’t have to force yourself to choke down dry chicken and kale if you don’t like it. Your diet will be more successful if you make good choices with foods you actually enjoy eating.

A healthy diet doesn’t have to consist of only very specific foods. There are plenty of good choices that can be made that will fit anyone’s palate.

#7 — See The Doctor

If you’re eating well, and doing it consistently, but not seeing weight loss or fat loss (learn the difference between fat and weight loss here), it’s possible you have an underlying health problem that needs to be addressed.

See a doctor. Not that you should automatically jump on medication. Sometimes a more specific diet and exercise is all you need — sometimes it’s not. I suggest finding a qualified doctor who will explore both options with you.

Bonus #8 — Manage Sleep & Stress

It’s too common anymore to hear people talk about how busy (i.e. stressed) they are, and how they function on only a few hours of sleep.

These things are nothing to brag about. Not getting enough sleep or properly managing stress can cause weight gain, as well as all kinds of other health problems.

Find ways to relax. Meditate. Don’t be afraid of therapy/counseling. And get roughly 8 hours of sleep.


Which of these tips are something you haven’t tried yet? Pick one and give it a try. And, as always, email us if you have any questions.


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