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My Postpartum Journey, Your Postpartum Ally

Checking the baby belly

Whether you had a baby a long time ago, are just now considering it, or are somewhere in between — thinking about how your body has changed/ will change can be overwhelming.

How you approach eating and working out is different postpartum. It HAS to be different. (Some postpartum effects last long after childbirth. Even if your babies are all grown up, this still applies to you.)

There are lots of misconceptions and very little guidance. This is an honest look into postpartum, so you can have better expectations of reality.

This Isn’t Easy

Some women look like they were never pregnant right after giving birth, but for most of us, it takes hard work and a lot of time.

I fully intended to start working out and eating well (and writing this blog) soon after our baby was born.

Of course, with adjusting to life with two kids, sleep deprivation, meals from friends and families stopping, managing a house with a traveling husband, running a business, etc… just like that, it’s six months later. But I’m finally to a point where I can take this on.


This is my second baby, and I’m a nutrition coach. I know what I need to be doing. But it’s hard. I’m still making improvements on my eating habits and struggling with working out consistently.

Everyone’s postpartum journey is different. But you’re not alone. I hope you can learn from my experience, while gaining solidarity.

The First Step

I’m starting with physiotherapy. That doesn’t mean that’s what you should do, but you’re not overreacting if you think you need it.

I’ve had back pain since trimester 2 that has gradually worsened. I kept waiting to see if my body would heal after pregnancy. Then I waited to see if I could strengthen my back on my own. But I needed a specialist. And that’s where I am today.

Physical therapy is basically exercise, plus some amazing massage and manipulation of all my tight and overworked muscles. You might just need a well-designed workout to get your postpartum body functioning better, but if you’re in pain you should seek out a doctor or physiotherapist.

The Goal

I’m not looking for my pre-pregnancy body.

I’m building my strong, postpartum body.

Join me on my journey. I’ll be sharing my struggles (chocolate, anyone?), my wins (like actually doing 3-4 workouts in a week), how I’m eating and working on improving my eating habits, handling sleep deprivation and food cravings when I’m tired, eating while breastfeeding, and my observations in the fitness and nutrition industry.

I would love for this to be a place where you can find grace about your postnatal body and life.

I promise to keep my posts short and sweet. I know your time is precious. We can always chat about it more. I’d love to have a conversation with you and hear about your journey. Even if you haven’t started yet.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.


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