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6 Things to Say "No" to in 2018

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As the New Year approaches, and resolutions are made, consider making your resolution “saying no more often.”


Because if you want to lose weight or get in shape, there are plenty of thing to say no to.

Here are 6 of them.

1. Distractions

This can be anything that threatens to rearrange your priorities.

Only you know what this is for you.

Maybe you say yes whenever you’re asked to make commitments. Maybe you have too many hobbies so you never get any quality time for any of them. Or it could just be your phone.

Whatever it is for you, you need to be willing to say no. Otherwise you’ll end up not making any progress on your goals because you said yes to too many things and couldn’t actually focus on anything.

2. Excuses

Once you’ve decided to make exercise and/or nutrition a priority, there are no more excuses.

“I didn’t have time” will never be a good excuse because all it really means is that you made time for something else instead.

Even if you work 16 hours a day, you’re saying yes to your job instead of your health.

Not knowing what to do is not a good excuse because, since you’re reading this, you know coaches (like us) exist.

Not having enough money is not an excuse because you don’t need a gym membership, and if you can’t afford hiring us, we’re still happy to answer any questions you have.

Every excuse can be worked around. Say no to excuses.

3. Trends

I’m going to approach two sides of this.

A. Diet

Most current trendy diets tell you to cut back too much on either calories, or carbs, or fat, or gluten, or dairy, or tap water, or swallowing your food, or common sense.

Stop it.

There’s a time and place for cutting back on some of those things, but if you don’t have a specific reason for doing it, you’re much better off sticking to a moderate diet and working on staying consistent.

B. Exercise

Trendy workouts are usually either way too intense, not intense enough, or just wrong entirely for your goals.

That said, what has worked for generations is pretty basic. Do some strength training (lift weights), do some conditioning (cardio), and be consistent about it.

There are countless varieties of those types of exercise. So forget about what’s popular… find a way to exercise in a style you’ll like.

4. Myths

It can be hard to distinguish a myth from the truth. And there are so many myths.

When it comes down to it, just like I mentioned in the previous section, you’re better off sticking to the basics.

When you hear something that sounds like a shortcut, or a “hack” for your diet or workout, most often you can simply ignore it.

But if you still have questions, ask someone who knows. Not a friend who is in shape, but someone with some sort of education, or professional experience. Feel free to ask us anything.

5. Guilt

It’s time to decide to stop punishing yourself for your mistakes.

Whether you literally punish yourself by imposing ludicrous restrictions, or just punish yourself emotionally by walking around feeling like a failure, say no to that kind of guilt this year.

It won’t do you any good. In fact, it will be detrimental and derail your efforts.

6. Giving Up

Before Valentines Day, 80% of people will have quit on their resolutions.

What are you going to do when that time comes?

Decide now.

What plan will you have in place when the motivation is gone?

Will you have a friend hold you accountable? Will you hire a trainer to coach you along the way?

You won’t make it unless you have clear goals, a well established plan, and the discipline to simply say no to giving up.

If you do need help, sign up for our email list below to get regular free advice that will help you on your journey to making your fitness goals a success in 2018.


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