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5 Ways Moms Can De-Stress

Mom with child by window

Some days don’t go according to plan. The dishwasher doesn’t get unloaded, dinner doesn’t get started, and everyone needs you all day long.

How do you de-stress on days like this?

My Day

Baby took a solitary 45 minute nap today and has been up since 6 am. Not very helpful when I planned on getting work done while she slept.

I’d like to work after the kid’s are in bed, but honestly I can’t hold a conversation by then, let alone think productively.

This stage is stressful and tiring. It’s a good thing it’s only a season.

Here are five things I’m doing to keep my stress down when I’m losing control:

1. Commit to a Bedtime Routine

I have a firm commitment that my phone, computer, and tv go off by 9:30pm, and I’m in bed at 10pm.

Try to give your body 8-9 hours to be in bed and recover. You might not always fall asleep right away, but at least you’re giving yourself that time to be still and rest, which probably doesn’t happen the rest of the day.

2. Change Environments

Sometimes I have to physically separate from the stressful environment.

If your kids are being loud, or the baby is whining, try taking them outside for a few minutes. Or if your husband (or whoever) is available, ask for even 5 minutes just to find some peace. It’s ok to step away for awhile.

3. Phone a Friend

When an opportunity arises, I’ll make a phone call.

Having a chat with another adult human is always refreshing and helps you focus on something else. Have a conversation that doesn’t include the words “num-num,” “uh-oh,” or “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma.”

4. Stretch

Anyone else got mom back pain — that tight back from leaning over your baby? I have a mini routine that helps all my tight and tense muscles relax.

Depending on where you’re tight, use a foam roller, and/or look up some specific stretches to do for the spots you know you need it. It’s almost as good as a massage midday.

5. When All Else Fails

Dark chocolate. Enough said.

What’s something you would add to this list? Comment below and let me know!

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