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5 Healthy Football Snacks

5 Healthy Football Snacks

Snacking while watching football is a must, but the typical choices aren’t always the best.

That’s why we compiled a few recipes to try during playoff season.

Bake Your Wings

It’s a no brainer, eat your wings, just bake them.

This recipe uses a marinade to keep the wings moist on the inside, and then baking them significantly reduces the calories from unhealthy fats while keeping that crisp, delicious flavor on the outside.

Low Carb Dip-ables

A savory yogurt dip! What more is there to love?

Using greek yogurt and whole buttermilk you get that tangy, irresistible taste with significantly less saturated fat. Your heart will thank you.

Bean Salsa

This is the grown up version of the 7 layer dip. It’s just as easy, but much more suitable for weight loss or maintenance.

Southwest Egg Rolls

These are my favorite. When I make them I triple or quadruple the recipe and stash several away in the freezer for a quick meal later.

They always disappear fast when I bring them to parties, and they’re convenient since everything is all wrapped up. Bonus: they’re baked - cheers to your health.

Fruit for Dessert

Each of these little cups comes out to about 40 calories. It’s a no bake recipe with fruit, not much added sugar, and they look beautiful!

Still packs a fresh, sweet taste. Could it get better than this? Probably if you added chocolate and peanut butter, but there’s a time and place for that, and right now we’re trying to make better choices.

Sharing is Caring

If you have a favorite healthy recipe you snack on during football season, we’d love to hear it. You can email it to me (Megan) here. I’d say you could email Seth, too, but sending him a recipe is like asking him to crack the Da Vinci code.


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