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3 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Flatlined

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New Year’s reso-what? Can you even remember that thing you wanted to do at the beginning of the year?

Maybe you’re still hanging on, occasionally resuscitating your resolution with a thousand volt charge of motivation that lasts about .001 seconds.

Maybe you didn’t last a day.

Either way, let’s look at three possible reasons your resolution hasn’t come to fruition.

1. You Weren’t Ready

Let’s face reality.

You wanted to lose 50 pounds, but you don’t want to change your eating habits.

You can’t change if you’re not ready, willing, and able.

  • Ready… you have to know what it’s going to take. E.g. Losing weight means taking a close look at your diet.

  • Willing… now that you know what it’s going to take and decide if you’re up for it. E.g. Are you ok with cutting back on your beer intake? (Read our recent article about alcohol and fat loss.)

  • Able… look at your life in context. Do you have the time, finances, resources, support, etc. to do what it takes?

Whatever your resolution, maybe the reality is you weren’t ready to take it on.

That’s ok.

You can still work on your health, it just doesn’t necessarily have to be through this particular resolution (more on that later).

2. Your Expectations Were Unrealistic

With the excitement of a new goal often comes high expectations.

“The Quick Fix”

You just knew within a couple weeks you were going to look in the mirror and see a new person.

So that’s what you did.

You looked in the mirror. Every day. Multiple times. Until you just couldn’t stand to look anymore because nothing was changing.

You tried to do too much, expecting results too quickly.

Change takes time. Months. Years, even.

“The Game Changer”

You just knew once you got in shape your entire life would change.

When reality hit (a few pounds lost and you’re still unhappy), old habits came slamming back into your life like you just got hit by a truck… filled with Ben & Jerry’s… and the only way through the wreckage was to eat your way out.

Exercise and proper nutrition can contribute to a better life. But it’s not the secret to happiness.

It won’t fix broken relationships. It won’t magically heal depression. It probably won’t even make you like your body if you haven’t learned to accept yourself as you are now.

If unrealistic expectations spoiled your resolutions, it’s not too late to try again with a fresh perspective.

3. You Didn’t Know What To Do

Whether it’s a new year’s resolution, or just your ordinary, everyday fitness goal, if you don’t know what to do, it’s hard to gain traction.

For this, I have several resources for you.

Your easiest first step is to download our free ebooks that tell you exactly what to do for your diet (Forever Fat Loss: 12 Habits for Lasting Change) and for exercise (Home Workout for Beginners: Get in Shape in 20 Minutes a Day).

Also, as I hinted at earlier, your particular resolution could be the problem.

For a more detailed look on changing your goal and seeing it through, read “Why You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals and How to Change That.”

Back to Life

Just because your resolution flatlined doesn’t mean you have to give up completely.

Focus on giving your resolution new life right now.

What is one thing you can do today to work toward your goal?

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