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3 First Steps: a practical way to reach goals

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In my last blog I laid out some goals for myself. But goals without practical steps in place to accomplish them are just dreams.

Not sure what I mean? Read on for the examples I'm taking to accomplish my goals…

Step 1

“No Processed Carbs”

I set out to cut back on carbs in two ways. The first one is by replacing all processed carbs with unprocessed ones.

This part has actually been very easy for me. The only processed carbs I keep on hand are bread and tortillas. Cutting those out was simple — I’m just opting for a salad version of whatever it is we’re eating.

Step 2

“Carbs After Workouts”

The next part of cutting back on carbs was by reserving most of them (other than veggies) for my first meal after a workout. This has been a bit more challenging.

I still had to eat mostly protein, fats, and veggies and still be satisfied. For this step I’ve slowed down my eating and loaded up with extra veggies. That seems to be helping a lot.

Step 3

“Getting Through The Holidays”

Besides eating a little better (and ultimately losing fat), I also have my deadlift goal.

I’ve been working out and was really crushing it until Christmas came, then I just enjoyed the restfulness of the holiday, staying in my robe all day while drinking lots of coffee.

Some seasons are going to be like that. We have to accept them, without guilt.

BUT, they can’t linger forever. It’s time for the holidays to be over, or I won’t reach my goals.

Your Turn

I’m not saying you should do exactly what I’m doing. Pick your own goals, and even if they’re similar to mine, pick your own first steps.

Talk to me. Let’s support each other. Tell me your goals. Let me know if you need help coming up with some first steps to take, and I’ll keep you posted on mine. Email me here.

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