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10 Pounds in 10 Months?

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Losing 10 pounds in 10 months doesn’t sound very sexy, I know.*

But it’s real.

Most people wish for quick fixes, but instead go years after pregnancy before they start making changes to get in shape.

Whether that’s you, or you just want to avoid it, this blog is for you.

*I’ve actually lost 20 of the 30 pounds I gained in pregnancy, but 10 were right after delivery, so I don’t count those.

The End Of The Beginning

The change has been slow, but it’s been steady. And it’s better than no change. What’s even better still is I know I’ll keep the weight off because I didn’t drastically decrease my calories.

I’ve shown that with consistent, small changes over almost a year’s time, you can make a major difference. (Hear more about these changes through this entire blog series starting here...)

It may take you every bit of a year to get there yourself, but it can be done.

This journey isn’t over, though.

Moving Forward

In my first blog I mentioned that I don’t just want my pre-pregnancy body, I want a strong, postpartum body.

I’m not concerned about the last 10 pounds. The numbers will do what they will as I continue to eat well and exercise. I’m already able to fit in my pre-pregnant jeans, so it’s time to move on.

The hard part isn’t over.

I have to figure out the next step, still with a baby and a 6 year old constantly demanding my attention.

So I’m setting new goals and I’ll continue this series until I accomplish them.

Strong, Postpartum Body Goals

Less Body Fat

I don’t want to be intensely lean. (I still want good snuggles from my son, who calls me the softest person on earth.) I’m shooting for 21-23% body fat. I’m not measuring it though, so it’ll have to be visual (with my husband’s help). I’m mostly looking to lose the extra fat around my hips and waist.

Major Deadlift Goals

My long term deadlift goal will take awhile. I’ll probably always want to deadlift more until I can’t deadlift more no more. But my short term goal is to deadlift my bodyweight.

Up My Carb Game

This is a major change that’s going to affect my body composition the way I want it to. Specifically I’m working my way toward:

  • Reserving carb dense foods mainly for after working out.

  • Having my carbs be primarily unprocessed.

In order for that to happen I’ll have to eat more protein and more veggies. I’ll need to have enough lean protein on hand and cooked, and have plenty of veggies ready to eat.

The Beginning of the End

There will never be a point in my life where I stop trying. But eventually I want to get where I don’t feel postpartum anymore, and these goals will help me get there.

I should be able to accomplish a lot in the next three months. I’ll update my journey here. My struggles/wins/fails for the week.

My goals are big goals, and yours don’t have to be the same as mine. Before you can accomplish goals like these, you have to master the basics.

If you’ve already come this far with me, are you ready for your next step? What new goals can you make? Email me if you need help achieving them.

Balance After Baby - see more of my journey


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