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3 Crucial Questions for Weight Loss

Drawing of woman before and after weight loss

There are 3 questions you should ask yourself before you try to lose weight.

There are many other considerations, to be sure.

But your answers to these particular questions can change everything.

Question #1

“Do you want to be skinny or healthy?”

Anyone can get skinny, but starving yourself won’t make you healthy. And healthy ≠ skinny.

You might want both. Or you might not be focused on either.

Maybe you don’t want to be skinny, you want to be toned. Or maybe you want to lose fat but keep your sexy curves. Maybe being healthy is just an added bonus to your physique goals.

If you care at all about being anything other than “skinny at all costs,” you can’t just hop on any old diet and exercise routine promising weight loss.

If your efforts up to this point have just been unfocused attempts at losing weight, it’s time to answer this question, figure out what you really want, then focus your efforts on a plan specific to you.

Question #2

“Do you want to win the battle or the war?”

There are two approaches to losing weight, but only one that works.

One approach is to capitalize on your motivation, get fired up, and take on a diet/exercise program that offers big results in relatively little time.

I’m not talking about scams. I’m talking about legitimate programs.

These programs work… ish.

They have proven results with clients who have lost weight. And you yourself might lose weight.

But if your mindset going in is, “All I have to do is get through X weeks and then I’m done,” you’ll be disappointed in the long run.


As one study estimated, even after successful weight loss, 80-90% of people end up gaining it all back.

Every. Single. Pound.

You have to change your perspective. This can’t be a temporary adjustment. It has to be a permanent lifestyle evolution.

That doesn’t mean you have to become a fitness freak. It means a subtle shift toward focusing on the long-term, with slow, steady changes over time.

If your efforts up to this point have been centered around some end date or destination, you’re just fighting another battle.

Wouldn’t you rather win the war?

Question #3

“What are you willing to do about it?”

There are 3 options for how to answer this.

1. Do it yourself.

Some people don’t need to hire a mechanic when their car breaks down.

But most do.

You’ll know if you can lose weight and get in shape on your own because you’ll have already accomplished a lot without help.

If that’s you, and you just want a few pointers to continue on your way, here they are:

  • Center your workout around resistance training (lifting weights).

  • A little cardio goes a long way. Don’t overdo it.

  • Make sure you eat enough protein to not lose muscle.

  • Eat enough veggies at each meal to help fill you up, and prevent deficiencies.

There’s obviously more to it than that, but beyond these things what’s most important is consistency.

2. Get Help

Just like most people have no idea how to rebuild a differential in their car, most people aren’t equipped to reach their fitness goals on their own.

Unlike a car, however, you can’t send your body in to a professional and get it back when it’s working how you want. You’re going to need someone to walk you through what to do.

I’m not just saying this so you’ll hire us. You need to find a coach you trust. (For tips on finding someone you can trust, read Should You Hire A Trainer?)

3. Admit You’re Not Ready

It’s ok.

It’s better to admit you’re not ready than to spend time and money on something that will ultimately leave you exasperated.

There’s a process to being ready, and it doesn’t start with jumping right into action.

Do what you need to do to feel confident about your next step. Do your research. Get other distractions out of the way.

I’m not saying to wait for a perfect time, because that will never exist. What I’m saying is if you’re not ready now, accept that. And then get ready.

Become ready.

Then go back and ask again, “What are you willing to do now?”


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