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The Magic Fat Loss Pill

The Magic Fat Loss Pill, magician holding card

If you’ve ever wished there were a pill you could take to blast away fat and help you achieve your dream body without diet and exercise…

This is for you.

This isn’t clickbait — no such pill exists — I want you to know that up front.

The message I’m about to give you will help you understand why a magic pill would never work, and what to do instead.

The Art of Misdirection

My son loves magic. He’s finally old enough to understand that they’re just tricks.

He used to say, “I know you can’t REALLY make a quarter disappear,” but he would still sort through his coins saying, “Abra…caaa…dabra!” just in case one was actually magic.

More than likely you’re doing the same thing with fat loss and don’t even know it.

Sure, you “know” there’s no such thing as a magic fat loss pill, but you still sort through diet and exercise information to find the one thing you need to lose fat.

Do you need:

  • A certain supplement or probiotic?

  • A more effective way to exercise?

  • A fitness device for motivation?

  • A diet that cuts out certain foods?

  • An actual fat loss pill/patch/drink?

It’s all a bunch of misdirection.

You try a new detox with your left hand… meanwhile your right hand stocks the pantry with chips and soda for when the detox ends.

As soon as you go looking for the “one thing” that’ll make your fat loss efforts successful, you’re already fooled.

Stack the Deck

I can’t tell you how to saw someone in half (actually it’s the “putting them back together” part that would be tricky), but I CAN tell you what to do to become more successful with fat loss:

You gotta stack the deck.

Instead of trying to find the exercise that burns the most calories, pick something you enjoy (or at least find somewhat tolerable), do it around 3 times a week, and stick with it.

When that doesn’t fulfill all your hopes and dreams — and it won’t — don’t stop. Add some diet changes to it.

Don’t look for the best diet for fat loss. Just pick something obvious to work on, like eating veggies if you currently eat none.

When that still isn’t enough to send you skipping confidently across a nude beach, keep going. The more you build on your current deck with new skills and habits, the more control you gain over the outcome.

Behind the Curtain

You don’t have to become a magician to understand how a trick works.

Anytime I’ve seen a trick explained, my reaction has always been, “That’s so obvious! How did I miss it?” And yet there’s no way I ever would have figured it out by myself.

Likewise, you don’t need to become a fitness expert to lose fat, but the odds of you figuring it out on your own are slim to none.

It’s for that very reason we give away our two ebooks, “Forever Fat Loss” and “Home Workout for Beginners.” They’re great resources for starting to stack the deck in your favor.

They aren’t meant to be a magic fix for all your fat loss needs, but that’s a good thing.

In fact, as you look for new habits, the only ones to discard are those that promise to get you to your end result on their own.

That’s magic. And that doesn’t exist.


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