Add Food to Your Diet to Lose Weight

Nutritious, colorful vegetables

Just about everyone has their own “scientifically researched” nutrition advice.

I’m a member of a few online groups and I regularly see these suggestions for diet advice:

  • Cut out dairy and gluten

  • Don’t eat sugar

  • Don’t eat carbs

  • Go vegan or vegetarian

Seems like all you need to do is cut something out to lose weight. FINALLY, an easy answer for weight loss.

Not so fast!

Unfortunately those little snippets of diet advice are not a one size fits all diet strategy. When you’re an actual nutrition coach, who works with real humans, anecdotal recommendations don’t cut it.

Real Humans

There are very few people who have mostly healthy diets, consistently maintain good eating habits, and are only sabotaging themselves with one specific type of food.

Most people are starting with a less than ideal diet that isn’t working for them. Taking a diet like that and just cutting out a food group doesn’t make it healthy.

It might support weight loss for a little while because you’re literally just avoiding food. But that’s not sustainable.

You’ll end up bored, unsatisfied, and ultimately still overweight and feeling guilty.

An Alternative Method

What if you looked at dieting as an opportunity to have a healthier perspective about changing the way you eat, while supporting fat loss?

You can focus on adding nutritious foods to your diet instead of focusing on cutting foods out. This type of focus creates lasting habits that don’t perpetuate or encourage this common cycle:

The dieting cycle: restrict, lose weight, eat "bad foods", feel guilty, punish yourself, repeat, give up, gain weight

If, instead, you work on changing the quality of your overall diet, you can slowly adjust your approach without the typical deprivation of most diets.

Here are some foods to add to your diet in order to accomplish this: