Practical Nutrition Education and Habits Course

for Tweens & Teens

Equip your children with a practical nutrition foundation so they can make objective decisions on what food choices will fuel their bodies best. 

Current Class Offerings: 

August 8th - November 14th - Mondays at 10 AM - Zoom

1 week off for Fall Break - TBD

Other online and physical locations are TBD

Registration Fee:
A $30 is non-refundable and applies toward total class cost
Pay Registration Fee Here

Class Cost:
Due 1 Week before the first class date and once the course has started is non-refundable. There are two payment options.
A. 4 monthly payments of $70 - Email here to set up
B. 1 payment of $220 - Pay here


So... we’re not exactly “normal” (just ask anyone who knows us well).

We don’t really even know what normal is. But we do know that we aren’t particularly excited about the thought of letting diet and exercise take over our lives, and that seems to be something a lot of people have in common.

Is that a weird thing for a personal trainer and nutrition coach to say?

Probably. But we’re ok with being a little weird. (Maybe that’s actually what normal is anyway.)

You don’t have to consider yourself normal for our coaching to work for you, but if you want to:

  • Have more energy

  • Master meal plans

  • Feel strong and confident

…and if you like the idea of doing that without having to live in the gym or spend all of your (limited) free time in the kitchen, we think you’ll fit in just fine.

Seth and Megan near brick walkway.png

👋  Hey, I’m Seth (I do the workouts and the writing).

That’s my wife, Megan (she does the nutrition and pretty much keeps our lives running 👍).

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