So You Want Six Pack Abs (Or At Least A Flat Stomach)

Man doing crunches

Six pack abs would be nice, but maybe you’d be content to lose your gut.

Problem is, you’ve done 10 different ab/core workouts and still jiggle in the middle just a little.

What’s the secret?

The Secret

You might hope I give you a mystical ab exercise that’ll shred your abs like packing-peanuts in a wood chipper.

Unfortunately, there’s no ab exercise in the world that will do that.

That’s the secret.

The only way to get closer to seeing your abs is by losing fat. And that comes from your diet — specifically by not overeating.

No amount of sit-ups, crunches, planks, twists, kicks, electrical pulses, or even those old time gyrating belts will cause fat loss to a specific area.

This is true for every part of your body.

Spot Treating Fat Loss

It can’t be done.

Triceps pushdowns don’t make you lose fat on your arms faster. Those awkward adductor/ abductor machines don’t make you lose fat on your thighs faster. Ab exercises won’t make you lose fat around your belly.

You lose weight where you’re going to lose it. And often belly fat is the last to go.

On The Flip Side

There is one way ab exercise can contribute to your six pack goals.

If you have decently low body fat, but weak, small abdominal muscles, they might not be big enough to show much definition. In which case, beefing up your abs with ab strengthening exercises can help.

But even then, you don’t need a separate 30 minute ab routine every workout. Just throw in 3-4 sets and you’re fine.

For The Average Person

If a six pack is your goal, it is doable; but know what you’re getting into.

You’ll have to be very strict about your diet. That means pizza is a rare treat. And when your friends go out drinking, you'll have to be content with water.

To be fair, at the time I’m writing this, I don’t have a firmly visible six pack. But to be honest, I don’t want one right now. I travel quite a bit which makes a strict diet more difficult, and I’ve also decided, for this season of my life, I don’t need to question myself when I want a scoop of frozen custard.

I’m happy with a flat stomach that can be maintained on a flexible diet, and abs that are visible when the lighting decides to be flattering.

Does that sound more like your kind of lifestyle?

If so, your focus should be on not eating too much. I know it doesn’t sound nearly complicated enough. But wouldn’t you rather have a simple (albeit difficult) answer that works, rather than wasting excessive time doing crunches?

Even if you still want a six pack, keep in mind, those ripped models you see on magazine covers with ultra low body fat prepare for those photoshoots. Most people don’t walk around every day of their life as shredded as that.

What would you rather have? More freedom in your lifestyle, with a firm, flat stomach? Or would you rather be more strict and get those washboard abs?

Either way, let us know how we can help.

P.S. Everyone has belly rolls when they sit.

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