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Fitness Porter: Story Behind the Name

Fitness Porter: The Story Behind the Name

People often ask about the name Fitness Porter. Some assume Porter is our last name (it’s not).

This is a personal story about how the name came to be. But if you read to the end, you’ll find a surprise piece of bonus content you can use right away.

You’ll also see how the reason for the bonus content is related to the story behind the name.

The Story

I’m about to get super honest here, so hold your judgment.

Naming things is tough. It’s easy to sit around talking about favorite boy or girl names, business names, or even come up with super rad band names (The Lemon Peel Buckshots?). But once you actually have to name something, everything changes.

Coming up with a business name was complicated for several reasons. We had to agree on a name, it couldn’t already be trademarked, and had to be available as a website domain.

Plus, we wanted something memorable, not: get-your-butt-into-shape-with-diet-and-exercise-coaching-from-seth-and-megan. Dot com.

This is where I’m being very honest and vulnerable when I say, part of our decision was entirely unemotional and constrained by the circumstances.

But that’s not to say there isn’t any meaning behind it. We wouldn’t have settled on just any old name (The Lemon Peel Buckshots Fitness?) without having genuine significance behind it.

What It Means

As we dug into the definitions of what a Porter is, we liked it for several reasons.

“A person who carries burdens.”

We know that your weight, figure, or fitness in general can become a burden. For some it causes overwhelming stress, especially as you look to make a change. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We do the hard part for you by not only creating effective workout and nutrition plans, but by journeying with you, carrying your burden for you, every step of the way.

“A person stationed at a door or gate to assist those entering.”

As we often say, “Getting started is the hardest part.” We want to make it as uncomplicated for you as possible.

In fact, that’s our goal throughout the entire process. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be like taking a college course in exercise and nutritional science. We assist you from beginning to end in a way you’ll understand, complete with pictures and videos.

Heck, I know when I’m learning something, I’d prefer a freaking pop-up book. But we don’t quite have the resources for that yet.

“A train attendant who waits on passengers.”

The definition of this type of Porter is similar whether it’s on a train, at a hotel, office building, airport, etc. It’s someone who is generally there to assist you with just about anything you need.

In other words, your needs are unique to you. We’ll work with you at an individual level to get you where you want to be.

This could be anything from working around your schedule to helping you with every small detail if you just feel unsure about yourself.

“A heavy, dark-brown ale.”

This definition has nothing to do with our business. But I thought I’d include it because it’s yummy.

In all seriousness, even though the beginning of the story is somewhat unsentimental, the name Fitness Porter obviously does have a lot of meaning. And we’d love to assist you in reaching your goals. If that’s something you’d like, you can email us here.

Bonus Content

Like I said at the beginning, even this bonus content correlates with our name. How?

As a Fitness Porter, we strive to never put content out that doesn’t offer something helpful or useful. Where the rest of this blog was mostly about us, this next part is strictly for you.

It’s a short workout. In picture and video form, as promised (still working on the pop-up book version).

Chalkboard photo of exercise routine

Do it once or twice a week for a few weeks. Either on its own for a quick way to add some activity on an off day, or throw it in at the end of your workout. 2 sets the first week. 3 sets the following weeks. No equipment required, so you can even do it right now!

Here’s the video:


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